The Board of Trustees is the legal governing authority of the Library, and has the final responsibility for deciding library policy and budgetary procedures. All board meetings and the annual meeting of the Rutland Free Library Association, Inc., are open and the public is encouraged to attend. Dates & times are posted in the library and on the calendar.

RFL Bylaws

RFL Association Membership Form

Board Meeting Minutes

Final 2016-2018 strategic plan – PDF

2016-2017 Board of Trustees

  • Heather Cooper – President (Rutland City)
  • Joan Gamble – Vice President (Rutland City)
  • Cathy Reynolds – Treasurer (Tinmouth)
  • Sherri Durgin-Campbell – Secretary (At large)
  • Rachel Alexander (Mayoral appointment Rutland City)
  • Betsy Bloomer (Rutland City)
  • Hurley Cavacas (Rutland City)
  • Anita Duch (Rutland Town)
  • Jude Endrizal (Rutland City)
  • Doris Farenkopf (Rutland City)
  • Kay Jones (Ira)
  • Betsy Reddy (Mendon)
  • Stephanie Romeo (Rutland City)


Vision: The community center of literacy, culture and lifelong learning.

Mission: Bring people, information and ideas together to enrich lives and to build a vibrant, strong community.