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For information on getting a library card, please see here. All residents of Rutland City, Rutland Town, Mendon, Tinmouth and Ira are eligible for a free membership in the Library. Welcome!


Volunteers help us repair books, run our programs, organize our shelves and more. Prospective volunteers can fill out an application (below); and we will try to match interested candidates with current volunteer job openings.

Download the volunteer application

Or contact us by email or by phone at 773-1860.


Rutland Free Library is seeking a children’s services librarian. It’s a challenging and exciting time for the Library, as we are considering either moving or major renovations to our current space. The successful candidate will a willingness to try a variety of solutions. This is a full-time, professional position that does require some evening and weekend shifts and an MLS/MLIS. For details, please see this cover letter with job description.

To apply for other work at the Library, please fill out the job application form and return it to the Library.

join the Friends of the Library

The Friends formed an organization to support the work of the library. For example, the Friends often raise money for the extra things beyond the capacity of the budget.

join the RFL Association

The Library is a nonprofit organization which provides public library services to the community. The Association is the official body which oversees that work and receives funds to support that work. The Association is the policy-making body. People can be members of both the Association and the Friends and often are.

Who can join and does it cost anything?

Anyone over the age of 18 who lives or pays taxes in a member town can join the association. For the Association By-Laws please see the Board of Trustees page. There is no charge to belong to the RFL Association.

When does the association meet?

It meets annually during the month of October. Members and nonmembers gather to carry on the business. During the remainder of the year the elected Board of Trustees meets monthly.

“A membership received by library staff shall be valid for seven years beginning thirty (30) days from the date of the application and ending on the June 30 following the fifth anniversary date after delivery of the application.”
By-laws, Art. 1, Sec. 2