The Library to Go Program at Rutland Free Library (Homebound Services)
What is it? Library to Go is a delivery program using a network of RFL employees, community volunteers, and at times caregivers to get library materials to eligible homebound residents.
History: The Library to Go Program at The Rutland Free Library (formerly known as the Jean Huebner Homebound Program); began as a memorial to RFL Board President Jean Huebner, after her passing in 2004. Although the name has changed the Library to Go Program is still dedicated to her service and name. Since its inception, this program has served dozens of Rutland residents.
Who’s eligible?   Homebound patrons within the City of Rutland may be eligible for a monthly delivery of books and other library materials.  Library to Go patrons must have no other means of procuring materials; such as having a family member or friend who could pick up items.  There may at times be a limited number of spaces available. If this happens, interested patrons may be put on a waiting list for a month or so until accommodations can be put into place to meet the increased demand.
How often are materials delivered?   Deliveries are made the second week of each month at no cost to the receiving patron.
Who should I contact? For more information on the Library to Go Program, or to have a registration form sent to you or a loved one, please call our Library to Go Coordinator, Tiffany Preedom, at 773-1860. She can also be reached by email at  She will happy to assist.
Thank you for your interest in our Library to Go Program.