New for 2020:

The Internal Revenue Service has eliminated the 1040 A and 1040 EZ forms in favor of a standardized 1040. We have notice those forms will ship by Jan. 30, 2020, so we should have them by the second week of February. The feds no longer ship schedules, but we are happy to help you print what you need from We charge 15 cents / page to cover paper & toner costs. Feel free to donate to cover the cost of having staff on hand to help navigate the maze.

  • For those of you with more complex problems, we have a direct videoconferencing link to the IRS regional office in Philadelphia. It is available by appointment at 844-545-5640.
  • Vermont has not shipped forms or books in volume for several years now, but we are happy to help you print those as well. Their forms are listed here. The state has now published its 2019 forms, but be sure you are getting the correct year from their website.

The state tax season officially started on Jan. 27. Here’s their home page. Rutland Free keeps copies of the basic forms on hand to purchase, also at 15 cents per page to cover printing costs; donations to help cover staff time are always welcome.

Filing assistance:

The AARP typically sets up local taypayer support service by early February for those 55 and over and those in financial need but they do not have a site listed in the Rutland area yet.

BROC Community Action is doing assistance for low-income taxpayers this year. See their website or call 802.775.0878 • 800.717.BROC (2762) to set up an appointment.


Vermont Dept. of Taxes 

Main number: 802-828-2505

Forms: 802-828-2515

IRS (see their help page for more information):



TTY/TDD for people with hearing impairments

For a videoconferencing appointment: 844-545-5640