Please support Rutland Free Library

Liz Wisda has been an active library user since she was young. The most active users of the Rutland Free Library are families with young children. Liz vividly recalls getting her first library card at age ten – “hand written in pencil, and I kept that card for twenty years!”

Seven years ago, Liz had a serious stroke and her life dramatically changed – she couldn’t get around easily due to partial paralysis and spatial issues. Already her “home away from home”, the library, was critical to Liz’s recovery. “I was always welcomed by the staff who helped me find everything I wanted, including a hard-to-find Mick Jagger biography”. We got the book from Louisiana through an interlibrary loan, the way we get hard to find books for over 250 patrons a month.

“I copped an attitude and started to re-read all of Hemingway and that with the support of the library was my saving grace. Now I want to volunteer at the library.”

Please join us in providing a “home away from home” for our neighbors and families by donating to the Rutland Free Library.